We can all be a part of this global community by empowering one another to strive towards a brighter future. you can contribute monthly by adopting a plot of land for a farmer to gain access to, as well as tools, and necessary materials to cultivate within the human spirit.

 "This is not only helping our farmers become partners, but bettering the global community by planting the seed of sustainability with families and our earth in generations young and old."

How To Contribute: BEcome a partner

Contribute monthly to be an active part of our community, where you will receive quarterly letters from our partners to keep us all connected and learning about one another.


$20 per month helps maintain our tools and education programs

$30 per month allows you to adopt a plot and partner with a farmer

$50 Per Month allows us to provide innovative training programs


One time donations are welcomed as well, and help us maintain the needs of our partners and community.