When Visions Evolve: The Rebrand

Two years ago, The Farmhouse Project was launched out of learned experience and local voices expressing need on the ground within a village just outside of Kampala, Uganda. The need of small business opportunity, the hunger for education, and access to means which could provide life’s most basic essentials for adults and children was their rally cry. 

It all began with one family - a woman named Rose who our founder Ashley had known for years, she had raised up over thirty orphaned children and often spoke of her dream of becoming a chicken farmer. She longed for freedom from the confinement and corruption within the local government, her work ethic was higher than average, and her biggest dream in life was to have her own home someday. One she could tend to, feed her family in, and possibly even use for harvesting crops.

Over time, this dream became an urgent need, as she faced challenges of some of her children being separated and put on the street. Which is when Ashley, used her resources and put together a fundraiser in Los Angeles that consisted of an informative short film, photo gallery, live music, and a Ugandan speaker - all in hopes to raise the funds for Rose’s farm house (thus The Farmhouse Project was born.) That night, we miraculously raised enough money to purchase a home structure with two acres of land for Rose and her family.

We celebrated, we danced, and yes, we cried.

Once the land was purchased and officially in Rose’s name, we moved forward with partnering with her as our first farmer and invested the capitol to launch her first chicken coop, which was also a huge learning experience.  We stretched our budget everywhere we could to make the best use of the little we had, and started small to test the waters. Within 6 months, Rose was actively selling eggs to the local community as a small business, which provided a very helpful extra income for her and her family.

Within the first year of the project, it was profoundly obvious the amount of progress made in Rose’s life and we knew this had to continue to grow throughout the local community. As the vision has evolved, we've continued to dream of a village that will rise and thrive together while preserving small business family farming to cultivate growth on all levels such as income, health, and wellness.

In the beginning of our second year we had naturally established and expanded our relationships within the local community, and felt confident to bring on a group of new farmers, although this time moving towards mushroom harvesting and cash crops.

With the launch of our new farmer partnership, we established a village farmer’s association which provides innovative training programs on crop plantation focusing on the basics of everyday superfoods which will be grown and marketed to the growing expat community in Kampala. And the impact of these superfoods doesn’t stop there. The introduction of these new crops isn’t just for selling to outside communities - we will be on the ground teaching our farmers how to utilize these crops in their own diets and encourage balanced nutrition programs and alternative medicinal options through these foods that can be so easily grown in Uganda, while making significant impact on their families health.

Naturally, we have grown with our partners, and our visions have evolved. We are no longer just a farm house project, we are a community and a culture who believes in carving our own path and creating a sustainable future for our families including all things business and wellness. We believe in empowering one another near and far, and we believe all humans should have the chance to soar.

We have so many visions and goals we hope to bring to life for a greater global community to create a society of growth, and we hope you join us on this wild ride of a bigger vision, Cultivation Society.

Cultivation Society is simply, community supporting community through art, wellness, and farming.