We strive to establish partnerships with local residents who have basic farming knowledge or a strong desire to establish their own business in cash crops, but don't have the capitol or resources to take action with a long term goal in mind.

And that's where we come in. 

We partner up with our local agronomist and assess the current needs, abilities, and plot of land which then enables us to best decide where the skill set of each farmer will shine the most.  Once the full assessment process has been completed, a strategic plan is made one on one with each farmer to establish which cash crops will best suit their skills, and from there our team becomes a full time partner in education, tools, and innovative resources each farmer grows into an innovative and empowered cash crop farmer.

Using old school organic farming methods, we strive to empower our farmers by instilling innovative and sustainable techniques tailored towards the local resources while heavily focusing on crop rotation, organic pesticides, composting to produce high quality yield with maximum profit for each farmer.

With a focus on the uncommon and internationally desired cash drops to the expat community, our agronomist works one on one with the farmers to ensure a fruitful crop bed. Once harvested, we connect each farmer to the international and expat market in the capital city of Kampala and surrounding areas to ensure there is a ready and steady market ready to sell.

With the foundation of rooted partnerships and one on one training, we grow with our farmers and encourage and set new goals in their business and family life, while our community driven programs, provide equal access and resources so each of our partners can be inspired take action and absorb knowledge with their own voice through just a few of the following programs:


Each farmer has access to rent the tools needed to sustain their projects successfully at a very low cost while encouraging empowerment as a business partner and giving back to the growth of the community.


We bring in local experts to teach elevated courses ranging from recycling, financial management, nutrition, and many other family wellness courses.

Child Education ASSURANCE

We follow up with every farmer to ensure each of their children is receiving a primary or secondary education. 

Village Farmer's Association 

We hold a meeting with our farmers once a month, to encourage all of our partners to use their voice in expressing the biggest needs, hurtles, and personal goals so we can aim for growth and equal access for all within the community.